Where Is Daddy? Will He Come Home Today?

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It will break your heart every time, you miss your kids birthday. Each time you hear your kids voice when will you come home dad? You heart weeps to hold them close. But you cannot. This might be due to several reasons such as your job or you and your wife are separated. Please do not break a kids expectation and heart. This is not because I am asking you to be a decent human being and act as a responsible parent. But this is more than that.

Religion might preach you so many things, which tells you that you need to be a better person and you are answerable to your god when you die and stand before him in judgement. If your son or daughter is misled or mistakenly given wrong treatment, you will be answerable to god.

Moreover this puts greater risk of psychological diseases and disorders to develop in children. If you cannot make it to their birthday, you can at least order a cake online and pay with your credit card and arrange for the birthday cake delivery in Singapore, with the same bakers. This can be done just for once but do not keep doing it again and again.

This will be affecting more people than you think. Your kid will grow up to be psychological unstable. Mostly kids of divorced parents will be affected more because they will have trust issues and might even loose their trust in marriage. Moreover it can be seen that people are interested in others life. Therefore when your kid grows up and avoids people, people will make up good gossips.

When kids are separated from one of the parents, it will make it hard for them to interpret feelings and stay stoic person. They will be more brutal in their career or be very careless. Though this does not take into individual difference, it is more certain that you can assure that if your kid is getting or having a bad romantic life, it will be mostly because of you and your partner.

Moreover it should be seen that children go through a process called “look and imitations of older elder role models”. This can be also said that the kids are doing what they have seen and held their attention. You can see there will be significant difference in your kids’ character and behaviour after going to a pre school. You should try being a better parent than yesterday to your kid. Grow into a better being each and every year. Click this link http://www.confetti.com.sg/ for more information about Singapore flower delivery.