Training Your Child To Be Better

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When your child enters school and you start to understand the school syllabus for children, you are likely to find that certain subjects are very basic while certain subjects can be far too advanced for a child of that age. The school system around the world is and always has been too generalized and much like teaching a group of snakes, cats, dogs, fish, lions and bears who best to climb a tree. Each child is unique and has their own unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses and this is why the school system fails children every day. You will find that everyday children are taught books of unnecessary things that they will be forced to study by heart and pass exams, with the exams being the ultimate goal.

The benefits of home schooling

There are many benefits and similarly there are disadvantages of home schooling. It is legal in many countries to home school your child but in some countries, it is not allowed. If you live in a country where home schooling is not allowed, you can send your child to school but also choose to train them at home for international baccalaureate math programmes and other high end competitions and exams based on their strengths and weaknesses.

If you fi8nd that your child is a math genius and that he or she finds the school syllabus fairly boring, you could opt to send them for many mathlete events and events similar to international baccalaureate math that will both serve as inspiration as well as an extracurricular activity. Similarly, there are programmes like this for children who show talent in science, in English and spelling such as the international spelling bee.

The current school system is the worst system because when the child leaves school, they leave with a host of unnecessary information in their heads but with no knowledge that they actually need to face the world and adult life. One example is how schools spend many hours teaching children about historical figures, historical places and every tiny minute detail about each of these people and these places but fails to give children an adequate education on how to pay taxes or on nutrition, something that they need to know for basic survival. If each adult knew enough about nutrition and the lack of nutrition, we will have a world that falls sick far less often and therefore a much lower need for hospitals and doctors than we do now. Children need to be taught the basics before they have their heads filled with unnecessary information.