Tips To Celebrate Your Baby Girl’s First Year Birthday

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When a child is born, every parent would be filled with happiness and would want to celebrate every little thing in their life. Let it be their first walk, first teeth and first word they utter. This is mainly because of the unconditional love they have towards their kid. Just like this, when their first birthday is nearing, they would make plans to celebrate it a grand scale. Some parents organize it at their home and others simply would want to go for a high-end fancy five-star hotel. But if you are lost with where to start and where to end, there are people out there, who does it as their daily job. If you dream of something, they will make it happen. At present, if you Google you can find out, how beautiful they have planned a one-year old baby’s birthday. Just by looking at these images, you want something like that. But what’s the point if you don’t do something unique for your baby girl’s birthday? After all she is going to look at it once she grows up and admire the way her parents have cherished her presence in their life.


Well, how can someone forget the theme, since that’s the key idea any party. If you want your party to look lovely, one vital thing you should definitely do is to contact a florist Johor Bahru and ask her to bring blooms to colour coordinate with your main theme colour. Maybe this time, to be different from other parties, you can get tulips in white and request them to arrange it around the table where the food is going to be served. A buffet is always a good idea if you are planning on inviting families as well. Because obviously the children won’t come alone, so you will have to invite their mothers and fathers as well. Another important thing you remember is, never forget to design a play area. You can arrange a separate area with all the toys, crayons, books and notebooks for the kids to draw and play whatever they want. This way they will occupied and will not come and disturb the party by pulling all the arrangements.


Unicorns are turning to be quiet a trend today, so if it is a baby girl’s birthday part, what you could do is choose the theme unicorn. So, from the deserts to the cake you can design everything in the shape of unicorn. This will also look the entire setup look photo worthy. Not to forget the Instagram worthy and over all social media worthy. You can get goodies from reliable supplier, so that at the end of the party, the kids have something to take back home.

In that maybe you can include toys, cupcakes, and blooms with your girl’s picture. Also, if you want to customize something then and there, you can click a Polaroid picture and give it to them as well. Which will be something special and can be framed to keep it as a memory.

Thus, make use of these tips and celebrate her birthday!