Producing Films On A Budget? No Worries

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On the 14th of February 2005, the world as we know it changed drastically. At the time, it didn’t seem like a big deal. Just another website being registered amongst countless others on the internet superhighway. The significance of this website? It was called YouTube. 11 years in the future, YouTube is the single most popular platform in the world when it comes the video sharing, streaming and production field. Ever since it released, the world of film has been changed forever. In the world today the producing of movies is made incredibly easy because of advanced digital technology. One of the best parts about editing movies is that even someone on an incredibly low budget can create some pretty amazing special effects. 

Always Have Goals for Your Characters

With film production being so friendly on the wallet and the budget, people are able to make them more cost effectively than ever before. Everyone wants a piece of the evolved world of movies, and there are ton of new indie filmmakers looking to make it big. The most important part of any movie, obviously, is the story. Without a good plot to glue an audience to the silver screen, there isn’t going to be much profit made from releasing the movie. Your story needs to have a goal. Each character within it needs to have short term and long term goals that they work towards throughout the duration of the film. These can’t be weak goals either. They need to keep the audience interested. A good example can be found in Game of Thrones. People are always rushing to be somewhere before a specific event takes place.

Select a Camera and Operator

The next step in good film production is selecting a camera. Your budget may not be the highest out there, but the truth is that you don’t need one half as much as you need a good cameraman. In the right hands, a smartphone video camera could become a tool of mass destruction. In fact, there have been films featured in festivals all over the world that have been shot from the backs of cell phones. There are also options to add authenticity to the video being shot.

For example, something like the footage from an actual security camera can be added to the film through editing, allowing for some immersive scenes overall. With the right devices, people and story, you should be producing great footage in no time at all.