Only The Fittest Survive

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If one pays close attention to how fast the world is advancing it will surely be an incredible shocking. The world is moving at such a fast pace and people are finding it very difficult to keep up with it. There was once a scientist named Charles Darwin who created a theory by observing different types of animals and their unique behaviours and he came up to conclusion that only the fittest of them is able to pass on their genes to the next generation and the weakest fails and dies. Right now, we are able to apply this theory to man and it fits perfectly. It is because if one is not able to keep up with the world and its advancements then one is surely going to fail somewhere down the line.

For example, a lot of countries around the globe are facing a major problem and this is the exponential increase of the unemployment rates. There are so many reasons for this and one could be because of the lack of education. So what happens is the educated crowd are selected against the uneducated crowd and they get jobs and earn high salaries. The one who lack education suffer the most as they are unable to earn for their families and most of them sometimes don’t have enough food and die. So only the fittest can survive this race and that is why a lot of people around the globe are doing various things to stay ahead of the pack.

Another reason for unemployment is due to the advancements of science and technology. Factories where once a major source of employment to many people has now turned the other way around as it is beginning to hire less people and hand over the job to machines. Now a day’s people do not need workers at all and their business happens through the internet. One can find many forms and types e-commerce solutions.

E-commerce solutions are a service that enables one to find the right way to carry out ones business via the internet. Due to this a lot of sales managers and promoters have lost their jobs and in turn the web page designers have earned quite a lot of profit.

Sometimes there is a huge population in ones country and there aren’t enough jobs for everyone. In times like this a lot of people move to other countries seeing for jobs as this is the only way to earn money. A lot of sacrifices and hard work has to be made to survive in this world.