Factors That Can Cause Facial Discoloration

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If you have noticed that your face is darker than the rest of the body, then it means that you are experiencing skin discoloration. While this is a common problem that many experience, for some it can cause serious issues. For instance, discoloration due to UV exposure will go away in some time. However, if the problem occurs due to a genetic or biochemical reason, then it can be quite difficult to solve. Before you look for a medication for body problem, it is important for you to be aware of causes of the issues. The following are some such causes that you need to know.

Pigment loss

Pigment loss only affects 1% of the entire population. Individuals who suffer from this condition experience insufficient pigment production. Although the exact reason for the problem has not been discovered yet, it is speculated that the condition can occur due to the work of abnormal nerve cells. Discoloration due to pigment loss is most likely to affect individuals suffering from thyroid disorders, alopecia and anemia.

Sun exposure

Continuous exposure to the sun can result in discoloration in two ways. Firstly, this exposure can result in age spots that eventually result in skin darkening. The condition can also be caused melasma. This is a condition that creates brown spots on your face and chest. Melasma is commonly seem among pregnant women. Thankfully, if your face become darkened due to sun exposure, you will be able to solve it through a whitening facial treatment.

Melanin coagulation

When melanin forms in concentrated blocks, it can darken your skin to a great extent. These discolorations are not only clear and visible, but they are also permanent. Thus, opting for whitening facial treatment will not be useful in this case. You need to look for more surgical treatments such as laser treatment to solve this problem.

Incorrect use of makeup

Misusing makeup and other beauty products can lead to darkening of the face too. Although beauty products are used to enhance one’s appearance, do know that they can make your appearance worse too. Thus, it is best to stick to natural products instead of using ones that contain too much of chemicals and other artificial ingredients. Moreover, remember to apply makeup only when it is absolutely necessary. Wearing makeup all the time can lead to discoloration too.

While some of these causes can be avoided and reduced, some reasons such as melanin coagulation are beyond your control. At such circumstances, it is best to consult a dermatologist to find an effective solution to the issue.